Friday, August 24, 2012

Louie Episode 3.9 "Looking for Liz; Lilly Changes" Critical Round-UP

First, a list of critics who've seen and have reviewed last night's episode of Louie.

Huffington Post

A couple my thoughts after the jump.

First of all, I was pissed that I waited to buy tickets to Louis C.K.'s standup in Detroit this October.  Because now they're sold out and I won't be able to experience the joy of paying only $45 and bypass fucking Ticketmaster.  Though, considering it's scheduled to be held at the Masonic Temple, I don't really feel as bad at the moment.

As far at this episode goes, I feel like this has been the season of the "Eccentric Female Book Store Employee."  We spent a couple of episodes that focused on Parker Posey's Liz.  She seemed pretty straight in "Daddy's Girlfriend (Part 1)" and then we saw a more expressive side to her in the concluding episode.  That isn't a bad thing.  This week, Louie goes to the bookstore looking for Liz and finds a woman who doesn't even pretend to hide her real personality while on the job.  This segment seemed a little unnecessary.  Mostly because it seemed like I was watching a rerun.  We've already seen Louie break up with a woman where he didn't have to say a word.  And then he had the blind date with Laurie (Melissa Leo).  I would rather see a whole episode with Louie and his daughters because those are the segments where I laugh the most.  I can't help it, those girls are hilarious.  Especially the younger daughter, Jane (Ursula Parker).

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