Wednesday, October 10, 2012

'Community' and 'Louie' Delays

Two cult comedies are delayed for two totally different reasons

It was disappointing news initially when NBC decided to postpone Community's Oct. 19th premiere.  I know I haven't done a recap or reaction to a new series in a couple of weeks* but Community was a show that I was really looking forward to writing about.  The good news about the postponement is that Community might not be returning to a Friday night death slot.  The bad news is that we don't know that for sure.  In fact, know one knows for sure what date or what time Community will return.  Can only hope that it happens before Thanksgiving.  If not, it's likely Community won't come back until mid-season.  That would suck.
Louie won't return for a fourth season until spring 2014.  This delay doesn't bother me as much (though it is a little strange to type 2014. I guess I always thought the world would end with 2012).  Mostly because it's Louis C.K.'s decision.  Also because Louie isn't a serialized show in which fans eagerly await resolution to a cliffhanger.  I think an extended hiatus like this might become common procedure for this FX comedy. It could be that network's version of Curb your Enthusiasm.  That show has been off the air for 24 months between seasons a couple of times during its run but no one saw it as any great tragedy.  Fans enjoy it when it's on and they're content when it's not.  I think the same goes for Louie.

*I will start recapping Homeland next week.  I wanted to wait until the third episode because I read several reviews of the second season that were based on the first two episodes and was afraid my recaps would be influenced by those reviews. I also want to write "check-in" posts on Parks and Recreation, Revolution, Last Resort, The Good Wife, and Once Upon a Time. I will have posts on those shows in the coming weeks beginning with Parks and Recreation this week.

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