Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Soft Start for Fall Begins Today

A Couple of Networks Get the Fall Season Going

Returning Shows

The Voice--Season 3 (NBC) @8pm.  Premiered Monday.  Continues on Tuesday.
Parenthood--Season 4 (NBC) @10pm

Sons of Anarchy--Season 5 (FX)10pm

I didn't include any of these shows in the partial calendar I posted a few weeks ago.  That's because I've never watched them.  I will never watch The Voice out of principle.  On the other hand, I've heard good things about Parenthood and Sons of Anarchy in the past.  Both those shows are available on Netflix. So the opportunity to sample those two dramas is always there.

Here are some links to reviews from critics who have actually followed these shows.

Sons of Anarchy
Mo Ryan (Huffington Post)

The Voice
Ken Tucker (Entertainment Weekly)

Diane Werts (Newday)

New Shows

Go On (NBC) @9pm
The New Normal (NBC) @9:30pm

I will watch these two shows and write about them tomorrow morning.  I will link up to other reviews at that time (or probably provide a link to Metacritic.com).

I laughed a few times during the pilot of Go On (Remember, the pilot had a special airing during the Olympics last month).  I laughed, but not very hard.  Some critics have noted that the set up for Go On is similar to that of Community.  Strange to think that NBC would want to make more Community-esque programming since they have explicitly stated the Joel McHale led show brings in too narrow of an audience. 

The New Normal is not a show that I have been eagerly awaiting.  It's produced by Ryan Murphy (Glee) and I see this show as NBC's answer to Modern Family, a show that isn't as funny as it used to be.  The most publicized aspect of this show's premiere was the story that a Utah NBC affiliate is refusing to air it.  It will be interesting to see what kind of ratings the show garners tonight.  Controversies are usually good for a show's publicity.  MTV's Jersey Shore started with a very small audience but grew when New Jersey public officials complained about the show and the mainstream media reported on it.  It would have been best if those officials had just kept their mouths shut. 

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